Region Levels

Understanding Region Levels in Runiuni

A simple explanation of Region paths and Region Levels and there importance to Runiuni .

Region Levels are a core part of what makes Runiuni unique compared to all other social media platforms . It’s what makes the platform a bottom up democratic place for media and information . The idea is very simple every location in the world is a small region contained in larger overarching region . For example the region California is part of the United States . Currently we define region levels in the form starting from smallest to biggest City -> District -> State -> Country -> World . The combination of all region levels is what we call the Region Path . All Content posted in Runiuni always starts in the smallest region level of your region path which is the city . This allows for local communication of media and information for every location in the world . Along with local communication is the unique power for content to also become globally viewable . As a post receives more likes, comments, and clicks it will expand into higher region levels . This allows for any user person such as a Musician to post about his song in and through communinty engagement and feedback potentially become a viral post by expanding regionally into higher levels  . You can note your region path and current region level by looking in the navbar .



Note the green highlighted text of United States that is the current region level this user is in.


Mobile Version of Region Path. Scroll right to see more region levels .

Your selected region level represents what media you will see . By clicking United States you are now viewing the most popular media from all states in the country . Runiuni currently has 3 services which allow for bottom up media growth . That is Chatter, Polls, and Jobs . We are expanding these services and plan to allow multiple media sources such as SoundCloud , YouTube, and Twitch that way content creators can have a place to connect with people in there region while and also have the potential to grow globally .



In the Images above you can see how as I switch region levels From City to Country I start viewing media from different locations around the country that have more likes .


This concludes my post on region levels if theres anyone questions feel free to comment or contact us through DM on one of our social medias or email us at [email protected]

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