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How to Find Local Government Officials Using Runiuni

Runiuni allows you to find local government officials in all cities of the United States .

Runiuni allows you to find all your local government officials very simply by clicking the government service in the home screen of Runiuni . The Important thing to note about the government service is the current region level in your path . If you don’t know what i’m refering to see our blog post explaining region levels .  Whenever you click on the government service it will load all the current government officials in starting at your current region level and going all the way up to highest representative in your region path . In the example below my current region level was Nassau County and so the service loaded all the government officials in Nassau County up to the President of the United States .

Along with being able to find your local government a unique feature to Runiuni’s government service is the ability to also search the internet for news about politicians  . Currently this feature is disabled in our production app due to lack of funding . Below is an example of the feature .


With this feature we hope to help communities around the world find information relevant to their local politicians . 

In the future we plan to have in-app polling on government officials and also include information on new legislation for areas . This concludes our post on government officials in Runiuni thank you for reading .

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